Tháng 5 về

Tháng 5 về, Calgary vào mưa. Sáng tỉnh dậy mà mình chỉ thấy con đường đầy tuyết ngày nào giờ trống trơn nhưng lại ướt át. Chợt mình lại nhớ đến những ngày đi học ở Vn. Bây giờ chắc tụi nhỏ cũng đã ráo rít cái ngày bế giảng. Mưa ở VN lúc này thể nào cũng lớn và ấm. Hoa phượng thì rợp cả một bầu trời báo hiệu hè đến. 685_35580514723_8470_n 685_35580519723_8833_n 685_35580524723_9185_n 685_35580534723_68_n 685_35580539723_434_n 685_35580799723_345_n 685_35580814723_1302_n 685_35580819723_1615_n 4334_78755889723_831430_n 4334_78755899723_3450336_n 4334_79847484723_4630223_n 4334_79847489723_299330_n 4334_79847494723_4175639_n 4334_79855424723_205457_n 4334_79855464723_2056117_n


Old bf has a new gf … new bf has an old gf!

Well I’ve never expected that some suck things happens in my life. I’ve been dating with my boyfriend for nearly two months. Then he have a confession with me that he still loves his girlfriend a lot but he still wants to move on. The relationship lasted 8 years already and that’s just finished last December. I guess he needs time to recover the hurt. I like him a lot and what I’m thinking maybe we need the challenge to know true love.

Dating with an old man

I will never believe that my life could complicated like this. I mean I’ve never dated before but I did have some guys follow. I hung out with them but we didn’t work out at all. Maybe I’m so picky or maybe young man don’t like my type, a very independent girl. I want to focus on my career more than spend time inside the house and ask for allowance from my husband. Then I updated a profile on a dating website. I attacked some guys. However, all of them are not really patient to keep in touch with me except him. And even I ignored him nearly 1 month he still kept update my profile. And I asked him if he viewed my profile. And he was so happy just with that little thing. He begged me to give him a chance just to meet. With all his patient I couldn’t reject that offer. I’m now 23 and he’s 57. At the first day I feel a little bit uncomfortable because of our age distance. Later the way he treated me that makes that distance is nothing. I felt respect, love and happiness. When I give him 30′ to come to my place, he used under that time. When I said I want to eat, watch movie or even I was busy for my study, he always make me pleased. It could possible for people think that the connection between this relationship is sex and money. Nevertheless, it’s not right at all for my situation since I’m not lack at money and I’m not pretty at all. That;s because of true love I guess.

Maybe I do…

I was got spoil by my parents from childhood. I want a doll, my mom buy me a big doll. I want my own room, my mom give me an own room. I want to study art, my dad give me more money. I want to go to private school, my parents let me go without any hesitate. ANd maybe that’s why now I’m so picky. My demand is too high. The number of men can handle me is not enough to be counted.

Because my mom said nooooooooooooo!

I would say how I am now is affect all of the way my mom taught me. I won’t say she was right or wrong but everything has both sides. I love her treated me so well but it just makes me hate her cause it makes my life so hard.

Grade 6 I still didn’t know how to cross the street, eat by myself and do laundry or cooking/ doing chores. Because why? My mom never let me do it alone or show me how. Always there are some people work for me so now the bad result is that I don’t know to do anything when I live on my own.

23 years old, I feel useless.